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The Silvery

August 2013

What is a 'Silvery'?

I took on the business formerly known as Silverseashells in March 2009, having worked there for 7 years previously.

The company made jewellery using the process of 'electroforming' (electroplating onto non-metallic objects) to coat shells with silver.

sample image

The old name was of course most appropriate when shells were all that the company was using. However by now a small collection of leaves was well established, the feathers had made their debut and were a huge success, and I was receiving a number of commissions every week to cover people's own weird and wonderful things in silver. From their own shells collected on holiday, to found natural objects such as bird skulls and bits of wood, to children's teeth, plastic toys, and pieces of lace, the list of things people wanted covered in silver just grew and grew. I needed a name that did not sound limiting, as the potential for items to be covered in silver was literally endless.

sample image

I had fallen into the habit of talking about 'silvering' (which on looking up online recently I found is actually the term for putting the reflective coating on glass to make mirrors) as it seemed like the most appropriate verb for putting silver onto things. The next question from there is 'where do you go to get something silvered?' to which the answer that popped into my head was 'to a Silvery', and thus the trading name The Silvery was hit on.

I hope you will love and enjoy wearing your Silvery jewellery as much as I love designing and making it.

Jules Ash

Owner, Designer and Maker, The Silvery

Stewards Inn Lane Studios